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The WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION is actively looking for individuals, charities, and organisations to financially assist and support.

The WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION is actively looking for individuals, charities, and organisations to financially assist and support. We get many requests for funding year-round, so please read the below EOI and CRITERIA forms before applying to learn more about why we do what we do, and to see if you and/or organisation is a good fit for us to partner with. We primarily look to become closely involved with people experiencing severe distress in the key areas identified as critically important by the WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION. Organisations that are improving the standard of living for the homeless population, the safety of children against sexual abuse, combating the scourge of domestic and family violence, the continued prevention of mental illness, and assistance to new mothers and their babies are also encouraged to apply.

The White Shadow Foundation Mission Based Philanthropy

If you meet the criteria please contact us, and return the completed forms to the WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION. Individual applicants must have a referral from a charity organisation working in the area you are seeking assistance in. NFPs and NGOs must have been operating as an Australian registered entity for longer than 24 months. Successful grant applicants (excluding individuals) must also download and return the Progress and Final Reports once grant money has been transferred.










If your application (for organisations) is approved, we ask that you please provide the following documentation:

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF GRANT:  Grant instalments are paid once we receive an invoice from you. After each grant instalment is paid, we will email a form for you to sign and email back to confirm that the grant has been paid into your designated account.

PROGRESS REPORT:  The template for a progress report is available on this page. Your progress report is generally due halfway through the project.

PROJECT PHOTOS:  We welcome any photos and visuals that you have approval to publicise and let us use.

USE OF OUR LOGO:  If you wish to acknowledge the Foundation for your grant, please email us and we will provide you with our logo. We ask that you please send us a copy of the final layout prior to printing/publicising for approval.

CHANGES TO YOUR PROJECT:  Not all grants proceed as originally planned. Change of staff, environmental factors and other issues may mean that your proposed project won’t proceed as intended. Please contact us if this is the case to discuss amendments to the project moving forward.

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