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WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION always facilitates your giving aspirations by striving to create significant, positive, and consistent lifetime value. We recognise we cannot do this without you! With the generous support from our valued donor team, we continue in our endeavour to provide direct benevolent relief to individuals. Our philanthropy runs deep as we assist organisations serving in mental health, homelessness, domestic and family violence, fathers' rights, child protection, and women's health spaces.



Sign up to our exclusive membership program to help us support those less fortunate. Simply follow and tag us on Facebook and Instagram, then choose your level of donor support to receive different perks, which are based on minimum AU$10/week giving amounts: 

1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP:  includes one (1) $100 Gift Card of your choice. 

2 CONSECUTIVE YEARS:  includes two (2) x $100 Gift Cards of your choice p.a. 

3 CONSECUTIVE YEARS:  includes three (3) x $100 Gift Cards of your choice p.a.

Opt in to our new "Refer a Friend or Family Member" offer. If they sign up to WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION'S 12, 24, or 36 month membership program you receive an additional $50.00 Gift Card. Just email us and we'll confirm, then send your next Card out to you within seven (7) business days. All donors receive a complimentary entry into the draw to win a new iPhone each year of membership, plus a luxury Hayman Island getaway in the Whitsundays, valued at AU$10,000.00.

WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION makes donating easy and secure using fraud prevention and encrypted technology to safeguard your generosity. Our online donation form accepts all major payment methods from Australia, as well as from over 35+ other countries.


Our Corporate Supporters are the many various small and medium-sized companies who have made the WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION'S work their business.  Join our network and show, no matter your size or type of support, you can form a powerful alliance with us to elevate the poor, disadvantaged, and marginalised throughout Australia. Your acknowledgement as a valued Corporate Supporter begins with SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM membership. Contact us to gain access to your full list of tiered benefits and rewards.

We will provide the supporter material you need to show your local community you're giving back, including;

1.  Official Corporate Supporter's branding and materials (signage, logo, certificate, copy, social media images) to showcase your company’s efforts in creating positive change for the most vulnerable people in Australia.

2.  Confidence that your donation is giving the country's most at-risk men, women, and children a second chance, by providing targeted benevolent relief in the key areas we focus on.

3.  Regular updates on where your donation is (literally) saving lives.

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