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Director, Secretary

JEN SWENSON (Director, Secretary)is a well-rounded business owner with almost four decades of accounting and small business experience. In running her own accounting practices for over 20 years, she has honed her skills, working with sophisticated accounting processes and mobile cloud apps. Jen's expertise in entrepreneurship has led her to become results-focused and thrive in high stress and fast-paced environments. Doubling as a consultant and trainer for over 15 years, she combines these skills to assist business owners by automating their weaknesses so they can focus on being purpose-driven. A true all-rounder, Jen also has vast experience sitting on non-profit boards throughout Australia and in various industries. Drawing on her passions for leadership, life coaching, and women, Jen launched, ‘The Change Room Podcast’ as a passion project in April 2022. Jen has made it her life’s mission to add value to others and the world around her. As a result, she has passionately served as a leader in various community groups while simultaneously growing her business. In her role as director and secretary at the WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION, Jen brings to the team a wealth of industry experience, knowledge and an energy that remains unmatched.


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