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Founder, CEO, Director

ANDREW DOUGLAS (Founder, CEO, Director) is a quiet and humble man, who established the White Shadow Foundation out of a broken heart for the lost and destitute. He also founded an independent film production company several years ago. It announced eight original projects in development, underpinned by a clear desire to produce life-affirming content with fact-based storylines. Above and beyond his responsibilities at the WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION, Andrew is a screenwriter, director, and a valued member of the International Documentary Association, and was invited to join the Documentary Producer’s Alliance in 2019. He is also a part of the Sundance Institute's Collab program. After its world premiere screening, his film Ten Million Throwaways was twice nominated for best U.S. and International Feature Documentary at the 2021 Seattle Film Festival and was subsequently acquired by global distributor Gravitas Ventures which is releasing the film in dozens of countries. Andrew has travelled extensively throughout the world, working with a host of motion picture industry professionals, striving daily to get the best out of his associates. Learn more about the Foundation's origins....


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