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FOR MOST EXPECTANT parents, the impending arrival of their bundle of joy is a feeling of pure excitement. Time is spent celebrating with family and friends, buying baby clothes and other essentials like a car seat and pram and making the final touches to the nursery. However, this is not the reality for every family - some families can be affected by a range of challenges including job loss, illness, natural disasters, family violence, mental illness, various life-controlling addictions, homelessness and refugees who’ve escaped unimaginable horrors. Some of these mums are only weeks away from giving birth and have no support and no one to celebrate with. There’s no room where they live to set up a nursery and no money to secure essential items such as a cot, linen, clothing, books, pram and even nappies. It leaves an expectant mother anxious and stressed wondering where will the baby sleep, maybe a drawer, a clothes basket or even on a couch. For this reason THE WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION, in partnership with our beneficiaries, positively change the trajectory of countless lives being effected in women's maternity spaces, including those in the deaf and mute society. Our philanthropy endeavours and impact giving have included some of the following assistance and support:  

Help and Support: Individual appointments, group activities and essential material goods. In action, this may include; an initial appointment to address challenging circumstances and identify holistic support pathways, ongoing regular calls to check-in and provide emotional support and mentoring by the same highly trained volunteer throughout the prenatal period.

Practical and Financial Assistance: Pram, cot, car baby capsule, baby and maternity clothes, nappies, pamper packs and baby showers. Connection with birth or home visit support including maternal and child health services, and, playgroupsLinks to supportive accommodation, letters of support including (financial and advocacy) for migrants without medicare, as well as reproductive loss and grief support services.

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