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WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION funds ongoing programs each year that help lift thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness out of their situation. Our funding model distributes financial grants as well as practical resources, purpose-built to simply offer hope. Beneficiary programs target people, including those in the deaf and mute society, living in urban cities as well as rural areas, providing extreme remote digital access, incorporating years of knowledge. The WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION, in partnership with our beneficiaries, positively change the trajectory of countless lives being effected by homelessness in Australia. Our philanthropy and impact giving have included some of the following crisis care and support programs: 

Community Hub: Assist in funding an operational drop-in centre on the Gold Coast, in Queensland. It exists to provide a safe, supportive and accepting environment for vulnerable people within the wider coastal community.

Practical Resources: Provision of basic human needs such as meals,  showers, connection and a caring heart, our beneficiaries are able to care for the  most vulnerable in our community, with more than 10,000 people helped last year.

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