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IN AUSTRALIA approximately 83% of court cases are resolved with the Mother having the custody of the children. 42% of children aged less than 18 years live in single-parent households. The WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION is committed to helping loving fathers enjoy their full rights and responsibilities, as well as helping children have their fathers in their lives. We strongly support and advocate for 50/50 shared parenting. It is easy to blame ex-wives for the bias against fathers. The problems, however, run far deeper and are in many ways societal and embedded in the family court system. In partnership with our beneficiaries, we positively change the trajectory of countless lives being effected by parental alienation, including those in the deaf and mute society. Our philanthropy endeavours and impact giving have included some of the following assistance and support: 

Free Phone and Video Conferencing: Provide 100% free, confidential and non judgemental support to Dads who are going through or have gone through separation – in particular, separation from their children.

Fatherhood Workshops: Operate regular free workshops (100% confidential) with external ‘Dad friendly’ experts such as lawyers, police officers and psychologists who can answer questions in a safe space.

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