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IN AUSTRALIA mental health issues are on the rise. Over 44% (or 8.6 million) people aged 16–85 are estimated to have experienced a mental disorder at some time in their life. We assist long-haul truck drivers who spend countless weeks removed from family, friends and quality social interaction, as well as war veterans, by providing natural solutions addressing anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and depression symptoms. These initiatives consequently increase our former servicemen and women's abilities to cope with life, having officially completed their required service duties. The WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION is also committed to helping loving fathers enjoy their full expectations and responsibilities of being a dad to their children, helping them remain in their lives as much as possible. We strongly advocate for fathers' mental health and wellbeing who have gone through painful separation from their children, and who are now facing suicidal tendencies in connection to their family dynamics. 

Free Phone and Video Conferencing: Provide 100% free, confidential and non judgemental support to Dads who are going through or have gone through separation – in particular, separation from their children.

Practical Support Service Connections: Operate regular free workshops (100% confidential) with external ‘Dad friendly’ experts such as lawyers, police officers and psychologists who can answer questions in a safe space.

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