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IN AUSTRALIA domestic and family violence is disturbingly common. It is one of the main drivers of homelessness among women, children and men. Statistics suggest one in six women experience physical or sexual violence by a current or former partner in their lifetime, while for men it is one in twenty. The WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION, in partnership with our beneficiaries, positively change the trajectory of countless lives being effected by domestic violence, including those in the deaf and mute society. Our philanthropy endeavours and impact giving have included some of the following assistance and crisis care support: 

760+ Completions: Sanctuary Programs transform houses into homes for people who have escaped domestic and family violence, positioning them to start their new journey with dignity, free from violence and abuse.

School Scholarships: Established to ensure children are offered an opportunity to further their schooling education and/or be able to participate in extra-curricular activities that they may not be able to pursue due to the financial impact of domestic and family violence.

The StandByU Shield: This is an independently tested, unique Brisbane-born relational technology solution that provides proven tailored and effective peace-of-mind for anyone in unsafe environments. Recorded evidence increases confidence to speak up, and violent behaviour is exposed and changed through the wearing of discreet smart-technology.

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