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IN AUSTRALIA since 1993, the rate of victimisation for sexual assault has increased from 69 to 121 victims per 100,000 persons. Approximately 11% of women and 5% of men in Australia report having been sexually abused before the age of 15 years. Estimates indicate 1,410,100 people living in Australia experienced sexual abuse before the age of 15. This also overlaps into sex trafficking. The WHITE SHADOW FOUNDATION, in partnership with our beneficiaries, positively change the trajectory of countless lives being effected by child sexual abuse, including those in the deaf and mute society. Our philanthropy endeavours and impact giving have included some of the following assistance and support: 

Helping Hands Program: Our beneficiaries exist to rescue kids from exploitation and help them stay free. This initiative is all about lending a hand to families having to deal with the ‘fall out’ from child sexual abuse. This is a difficult situation, especially in the initial period following disclosure. Trained volunteers visit families at a time that is convenient, assessing if there are any needs that the Helping Hands Program can meet i.e; food parcels, lawn mowing, laundry pick-ups. These services are not means tested.

Reintegration: The next steps are to identify what made a child vulnerable to exploitation, and then help them overcome it – and thrive.

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